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Our kidzzz core belief is that every child is unique and has an infinite potential and it is our duty to help them realize it. Our KIdzzz helps children to discover their learning style and inculcates the love for learning in their early years by encouraging curiosity and interests.

A child at the center and all the eight pillars of this philosophy are designed around a child for his/her overall development. At Our kidzzz Pebbles, parents are viewed as contributive and active partners. Regular seminars and workshops are held to align parents with our approach and enable them to develop a safe, healthy, hygienic and developmentally appropriate environment that extends to the home as well. A wide range of activities and programs are planned on a regular basis to provide children with experiences where they can explore their uniqueness and also supplement their classroom learning. Festival celebrations and outdoor visits to enable social intelligence are important learning tools at  Our kidzzz

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