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Our warm and welcoming family-like environment promotes safe, secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships. We believe that partnerships and relationships, form through regular communication with family. The programme is enriched through the sharing of ideas, knowledge, skills, culture and experiences, as well as continually focusing on children’s learning through assessment.

our focus is on building strong, reciprocal relationships with all families where children, parents are heard; where our children, parents feel safe , where our environment supports the development of physical growth (and where our practices empower children and parents to weave their own beliefs and values to promote a sense of wellbeing within themselves and community

We value collaboration as vital to the success of our programme and see ourselves as learners with children through projects inspired by their curiosity. Teachers intentionally prepare spaces for learning that builds on children’s strengths and interests to grow potential. We believe that children can independently communicate their knowledge and understanding through the use of symbolic languages (e.g. painting, sculpting, drama) in everyday life.

The neutral learning landscape provides a canvas that encourages exploration, discovery, and challenge as tools for navigation through our natural and physical worlds. The physical learning environment, both indoors and outdoors, is viewed as the “third teacher” and promotes positive and engaging relationships between children and others, supporting children to problem solve and take risks. Sustainable practices and organic gardening practices play a pivotal role in learning about and caring for our natural world.

Listening to children and engaging in conversations that provide children with time to think is critical for our teaching. Careful observation informs our decisions and inquiry, supported by regular training and professional learning about quality practice.

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